We can help you to increase your awareness, knowledge and responsibility around professional boundaries, ethics, values and relationships. We help you to understand where boundaries lie, how they help you to be safe at work and how to avoid getting into difficulties.

We provide a range of training courses and professional coaching.

In some circumstances there is a requirement for extended work over a longer period, for example during a suspension or return to work process. In these circumstances we offer a blend of training and coaching work, geared towards the individual. For example this could involve:

  • Attending a three-day course,
  • A selection of relevant one-day courses
  • A coaching programme,
  • Attendance at a series of follow-up group sessions

For some people participating in one event may be sufficient, whilst others will require a range of sessions. Please get in touch to discuss individual needs and to seek a quote for the costs involved (package costs will work out less than individually purchased services).

Examples of packages:

  • Maintaining Professional Boundaries + Values + Listening Courses
  • Maintaining Professional Ethics + Boundaries + Coaching Programme
  • Maintaining Professional Boundaries + Coaching + Maintaining Professionalism


We provide coaching for anyone who has completed a three-day course with us, and as part of a package. Our coaching takes the same approach as our courses, focusing on core values and helping you to align your goals and objectives with what really matters to you, in line with your professional commitments. People use this service as a way of extending and implementing the PDP they created on the course and of helping to ensure that they have assistance to deal with any issues that arise.

What Our Clients Say...

Very well run, very insightful and challenging. Best course I have attended in some time! My main learning was the effects on the ‘victim’ and overall wider effects on others, and power differentials in professional and personal relationships. The course has had a MASSIVE impact, I have learned so much regarding myself both inside and outside work. [The facilitator] was exceptionally skilled and knowledgeable. Made me feel at ease. Non-discriminatory. I wish this was part of undergraduate training. I have NEVER left a course feeling so empowered in my ten year career!