After taking one of our three-day courses you can engage with our coaching programmes which provide an individual focus on achieving your goals set in your development plan, and attending our follow-up course helps you to review your plans, deal with any challenges and ensure you are on track with your restorative plans.


For anyone who has completed one of our three-day course this 1-day session helps you to maintain professionalism, through a reflective and challenging space, with a small group of peers. It can be taken multiple times as part of a longer-term programme. This is an opportunity to review your PDP, make any course corrections needed, review commitments and check your current situation against the domains of professionalism.


Our coaching programmes are there to help you achieve your goals. These can be actions you agreed during a three-day course or new objectives that have come up. The coaching can be used during a period of suspension, in the run up to a hearing or as ongoing part of a restoration and maintenance plan.


If problems in communication have been an aspect of the problem you are facing, this course can be a part of the process of developing insight and demonstrating remediation.

Probity & EthicsFollow-on

This course helps you to identify your core personal and professional values and how they relate to the difficulties you are facing. It is an interactive learning session which each participant leaves with clarity about your authentic core personal and professional values and an action plan for aligning them.


Extremely happy.
Great. I have refreshed some of the learning from the three-day course and I am going to revise the materials again.
It is the best course I ever attended.
Excellent. The facilitator helps you to recognise your weaknesses and then facilitates how to improve on these.
Medical Consultant
Hugely impacted me, helped me open up, gave me more insight of my actions, saw the journey of my colleagues from various backgrounds.
Consultant Emergency Medicine
The course is very deep, meaningful and has assisted me in areas I need to develop in. It gives me hope.
To become more aware, responsible, and vulnerable. Acknowledge the progress I have made and move forwards without judgement or fear.