Our Courses

Maintaining Professional Ethics

If you have allegations around probity, honesty or ethics, then this 3-day course is designed to help you get back on track, begin to rebuild trust with those you work with and help you form a plan to avoid future issues arising.

Maintaining Professional Boundaries

If you are facing enquiries or complaints about professional boundaries this 3-day course will help you to increase awareness about boundary transgressions and to develop a plan to keep people safe.

Professional Boundaries In Practice

The one-day course covers the fundamentals of boundary theory and practice from research and the literature and helps to develop and enhance practice. It is  there if there has been an issue raised or complaint received in relation to professional boundaries.

Probity and Ethics In Practice

This new one day course gives a grounding in probity and ethics matters as they relate to professional conduct concerns. It explores what is required in conduct processes, focusing on insight, reflection and remediation and giving each person a space to consider their next steps.

Maintaining Professional Relationships

If you are facing enquiries or complaints about problems in colleague relationships, this 3-day course is designed to provide an educational and reflective space for participants to examine the roots of their behaviour and to have assistance in making personal and professional changes.

Introduction to Professional Boundaries

This 1-day course is for you if you want to increase awareness, knowledge and skills around professional boundaries.  Run bi-monthly as an open session and available for commission to be run for your organisation.

Maintaining Professionalism: The Fourth Day

For anyone who has completed on of our three-day course this 1-day session helps you to maintain professionalism, through a reflective and challenging space, with a small group of peers. It can be taken multiple times as part of a longer-term programme.

Values In Practice

This 1-day course helps you connect your core professional and personal values with behaviours and ways of being. It powerfully assists you to increase insight in relation to the issues of concern and to assess your working environment and how you relate to it. For anyone who has completed any of our three-day courses.

Listening In Practice

If problems in communication have been an aspect of the problem you are facing, this one-day course can be a part of the process of developing insight and demonstrating remediation.  For anyone who has completed one of our three-day courses.

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