Bespoke training

The most commonly commissioned course is our flagship Introduction to Professional Boundaries course.

This modular course can be tailored to cover particular needs or for specialist or multi-disciplinary staff groups and can be extended to two days should you wish to explore all aspects of Professional Boundaries in depth. The course is commonly commissioned where there is a need to raise awareness of boundary issues and is seen as a way to prevent problems from happening.

We can work with your organisation on a range of areas related to professionalism, including:

customers and partners

Health Organisations
  • Ayurvedic Practitioners Association
  • Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
  • British Medical Association Wellbeing Support Service
  • Cornwall Foundation Trust
  • Faculty of Occupational Medicine
  • Health and Social Care Northern Ireland
  • Independent Doctors Federation
  • Isle of Man Mental Health Service
  • NHS England Kent and Medway
  • NHS Grampian
  • NHS South-Wessex
  • NHS South-West
  • Northampton Healthcare Trust
  • North-East London Mental Health Trust
  • Royal College of Psychiatrist’s Support Service
  • Skanda Vale Hospice
  • St George’s Foundation Trust
Religious Organisations
  • Southwark Ongoing Formation Office (Archdiocese of Southwark)
  • United Reformed Church – Southern Synod
  • United Reformed Church – South-Western Synod
  • United Reformed Church – Thames North Synod
  • Roman Catholic Diocese of Northampton 
Educational Organisations
  • Cardiff Medical School
  • Health Education England – SW Peninsula
  • Health Education North London
  • Health Education South-West
  • Health Education Thames Valley
  • University of the Arts London – London College of Communication
Youth & Counselling Organisations
  • Dalgano Trust
  • Gloucester Counselling Service
  • Racing Welfare
  • Slough Borough Council Youth Support Service
  • Survivors U.K.
  • The Counselling Society
  • YMCA
Medical Defence Organisations
  • Medical Protection Society
  • Medical Defence Union
  • Medical Defence Shield

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Helped me to further develop my insight and identified areas to work on to show insight and remediation.
Maintaining Professional Ethics
Facilitation was engaging and non-judgemental.
Maintaining Professional Ethics
Participants commented on the professional presentation of difficult subjects and how inclusive and containing the presenter was. The session helped counsellors to widen their viewpoints on boundary issues and raised many questions and much fruitful discussion. The day was very valuable.
Mike Keating
Gloucestershire Counselling Services
The impact of the course is immeasurable. It has allowed me to change my views significantly and authentically with respect to my professional boundary discretion, see its negative effect on everyone involved and develop a meaningful, measurable and achievable development and restoration plan which will be invaluable both in demonstrating my remediation to those bodies who will inspect my actions and allowing me to make those changes and achieve my goals.
Maintaining Professional Boundaries
The quality of the knowledge imparted and facilitation during the course was very much unexpected.
Maintaining Professional Boundaries
Fantastic insight into boundary issues previously hadn’t thought about or considered. Engaging, amusing, relevant.  Despite high-level experience in the room [the facilitator] demonstrated expert knowledge. Felt like what you were saying mattered and interested you. You made the time fly by. Thoughtful and plenty of emotional intelligence.
Health Education England South-West