Our mission is to support professionals to be safe with their clients, colleagues and the public through training and education.

We aim to help people be safe through providing a powerful space for reflection and insight. We work to raise awareness and responsibility and to promote change.

We exist to help people work in line with their values and commitments through awareness of boundaries, value-ethics and listening.

Our values

We work to keep professional relationships safe from avoidable harm and to maintain the integrity of the relationship and we work to help remediate them following a breach.

We work wherever there is service being provided, including in healthcare or social work, in therapy, ministry, education, the criminal justice system and financial or corporate environments.

We provide a space where people can transform their experience and powerfully align with their core values.

Awareness is the entry point to all change. Without awareness no change is possible. With awareness problems can be handled and remedied.
Integrity means being true to our word. We deliver what we say we will deliver, within the limits of our service, knowledge and skills.

Our approach is that of complete responsibility for actions and behaviours as a central access point to accountability and change.

Creativity is core to our way of being in service delivery, with a continued focus on effective ways of working.
We know that everyone has the capacity to take actions which are in line with their values and commitments, and that everyone can sustain change.
Being open to accountability is a critical part of moving forward after a problem.
We are open and transparent in our work, with nothing about our professional practice, values or beliefs being hidden
At the heart of our work is the understanding that without well-being, nothing works. Without attention to individual needs, things are more likely to go wrong.
Respect is intrinsic to our approach to our work and is a touchstone for successful participation in our courses.

The team

  • Hazel Russo

    Hazel Russo photograph

    Hazel is our Senior Course Leader. Hazel facilitates our three-day remedial courses and delivers one-day programmes, including commissioned courses. She leads on our Coaching provision and also supports the Company's course development and trains new course leaders. Hazel is a coach, facilitator and supervisor and has been working here since 2013. She is an Accredited Professional Executive Coach with the Association for Coaching and has been coaching individuals and teams across a wide range of sectors for over 20 years. She has significant experience of coaching and training health and care professionals from trainee through to consultant level. She specialises in career and leadership development with a focus on values coaching and action learning. Her background is in national policy with roles including Assistant Director at the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills, and Policy & Research Officer at UNISON. Hazel is the creator of a coaching tool called Lumination™® which is used by organisations across the UK. 

  • Jonathan Coe

    Jonathan Coe photograph

    Jonathan is the founder and Managing Director. He leads on course and business development, communications with institutional clients, oversees all training courses and trains new course leaders.  He also leads a range of three-day and one-day courses.  His background is in mental health services, including leading a charity working with people who had experienced harm as a result of the actions of health and care workers.  In 2009 he completed a Winston Churchill Trust travelling fellowship study tour to the USA where he visited a wide range of organisations involved in work around professional boundary violations.  He has published on the typologies of boundary violations and the impact of boundary violations and has spoken at a wide range of conferences and events concerning professional misconduct.

  • Naomi Craft

    Naomi Craft photograph

    Naomi is a Course Leader and delivers the Maintaining Professional Ethics courses.  Naomi is an Accredited Executive Coach, Coach Supervisor and an experienced GP, with a post-graduate teaching certificate. She has previously worked as an Appraiser and GP Trainer and is now a GP Programme Director.  She works regularly for Health Education England, coaching doctors from diverse backgrounds and levels of experience, and also as for NHS England as an Educational Supervisor supporting doctors in difficulty. She has a deep concern and respect for people and is passionate about providing support through some of the toughest moments in life. Naomi joined us in 2019.

  • Nick Cromwell

    Nick Cromwell photograph

    Nick facilitates our Maintaining Professional Boundaries courses and delivers some one-day programmes, including commissioned courses. Nick is a facilitator, coach, supervisor and trainer. He is an Accredited Master Executive Coach and specialises in Leadership and Management coaching with both individuals and teams. He works across a broad range of sectors, including Finance, Legal, IT, Education, Charity and Local Government. He regularly coaches and trains professionals within the Health Service. Nick began his career in teaching and later worked in housing, both on delivery and regulation, where he advised on issues of governance. He has held a variety of positions at Board level. He used to run a charity that provided residential accommodation for people with drug problems where he became really interested in helping people to realise their full potential, which is something he brings to his work with the company. He joined us in 2018.

Sarah Adams

Sarah joined CfBS in April 2017 and is the first point of contact, providing professional business support dealing with office administration including enquiries about suitable courses, bookings, pre-course and post-course information.