Maintaining Professional Relationships

If you are facing an allegation around interactions with colleagues our three-day course provides a space for reflection, for expanding insight and for ensuring that restorative plans commensurate with the issues of concern are put in place.

Live online events

  • 12 Jul 2022 - 14 Jul 2022
    3 days, 9:00 AM BST - 6:30 PM BST
    • PD hours: 22
    • £1,800.00 incl. VAT
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    If you are facing enquiries or complaints about problems in colleague relationships, this 3-day course is designed to provide an educational and reflective space for participants to examine the roots of their behaviour and to have assistance in making personal and professional changes.

    Goals & Intended Outcomes

    • To increase responsibility and awareness around professional relationships
    • To increase awareness and understanding of vulnerabilities and risk factors
    • To identify contextual factors
    • To put in place a personal plan
    • Improve understanding of personal and professional contexts
    • Consider needs for further professional assistance and personal development
    • Understand the effect of behaviour on others
    • Learn techniques for establishing and maintaining effective relationships

    Indicative Content

    • Dynamics of relationship
    • Risk factors and vulnerabilities
    • Psychological concepts
    • Cognitive distortions
    • Empathy/Impact
    • Listening
    • Self-disclosure
    • Dual relationships
    • Power differentials
    • New ways of communicating

    Learning Methods

    • Pre-course reading
    • Conversations with the trainer
    • Evidence from research
    • Group discussion
    • Working in pairs
    • Acted Scenarios
    • Presentations
    • Playing The Professionalism Game®
    • Creating a Personal Development Plan

    When The Course Is Helpful

    The course is for professionals who have a need to look at their awareness and responsibility around establishing and maintaining professional relationships. It may be helpful when there are concerns about: harassment; bullying; rudeness; aggressive or brusque behaviour; poor anger management; impulsiveness; disruptive or obstructive behaviours; perception of arrogance or aloofness; negative attitude; poor communication skills; resistance to feedback and acting in an unprofessional manner towards colleagues.

    The course is for professionals in roles working with people, including medicine, nursing, social work, ministry, education, psychotherapy, counselling, criminal justice, corporate and political settings.

    It is helpful where there are concerns, allegations or findings – it is important to understand that the course has been helpful to people who face allegations, including where allegations are contested.