Even great professional relationships can sometimes run into difficulty. Our courses on Listening and Professional Relationships help to repair damaged relationships and restore integrity.


If you are facing an allegation around interactions with colleagues our three-day course provides a space for reflection, for expanding insight and for ensuring that restorative plans commensurate with the issues of concern are put in place.

CPD Provider

If problems in communication have been an aspect of the problem you are facing, this course can be a part of the process of developing insight and demonstrating remediation.


I learned more about communications in 3 days than I did in the whole of medical school.
All the years of therapy, all the courses I’ve done, none of them got me to where this course has got me to. I feel free to go and do the things I need to do. [The facilitator] was calm, direct, wise, great insight. He has helped me to come to a realisation about my situation that I wouldn’t have arrived at on my own.
Medical Doctor
I am more present, more attentive, more listening [in my consultations].
Consultant Paediatric Surgeon
The facilitation was excellent: patient, well-articulated, pointed and non-sparing yet affable.
Consultant Cardiologist
Should be undertaken ‘routinely’ and not just when in difficulty.
Consultant Cardiologist
Obstetrician and Gynaecologist
The slides delineating the important positive and negative bullet points of learning which were thence demonstrated so well by the facilitator with his explanations and role-playing examples.
It has given me so much insight into better and more mature listening and communication. Many important variables introduced that I hadn’t been aware of that will definitely benefit.
Will help my consultations with difficult patients.
Doctor – Orthopaedic Surgeon