We provide training covering all aspects of professional behaviours, from client interactions to relationships with colleagues, including work on personal and professional values, listening, empathy, self-disclosure, boundaries, probity and ethics.

Our training is relevant for anyone working in human services, anywhere that trust is a necessary component of service and where safety is important. Relevant services include: Health and Medical Care; Psychological Therapies; Clergy & Religious; Social Services; Coaching; Education; Complementary & Integrated Health; Business and Corporate; Criminal Justice.

Our training is preventative, providing people with the skills and knowledge necessary to ensure safe practice, and restorative, providing a space for people to make effective changes in their working practice following a problem relating to professional conduct.

Courses can be purchased as standalone sessions, or as part of broader professional development programmes, for individuals and for organisations.

Types Of Training

One-day coursesThree-Day CoursesBespoke Courses
We run one-day open sessions on Boundaries, Values and Listening.  Our flagship course is Introduction to Professional Boundaries. This course is at the heart of increasing awareness about boundaries and how to avoid breaching them, and has been commissioned by churches, the NHS, voluntary sector groups and private enterprises.
Our three-day courses are small-group based programmes which help people in professional roles improve their accountability, awareness and responsibility when an issue has been identified or alleged. The issue could be identified from the individuals own insights, from a complaint, regulator, disciplinary, appraisal, feedback, and can be used to assist with navigating regulatory processes.
We develop training tailored for the needs of the people attending. We have developed and run training sessions for NHS England, Health Education England, Borough Councils, Churches, Hospices, NHS Trusts, Housing Associations and Voluntary Sector groups (see here for a list of people we have worked with). Occasionally we also develop personalised training programmes for individuals who cannot attend the live courses or who require more specialised assistance.

Maintaining Professional Ethics [3-Day Course]

If you have problems at work or a complaint made about you because an action was seen as lacking probity, or being dishonest or unethical, then this 3-day course is designed to help you get back on track and begin to rebuild trust with those you work with. It centres on the core principles of Awareness, Responsibility and Values, and helps you form a plan to avoid future issues arising.

Maintaining Professional Boundaries [3-Day Course]

If you are facing enquiries or complaints about behaviour around maintaining professional boundaries this 3-day course will help you to accept responsibility for those things for which you are responsible, increase awareness about boundary transgressions and to develop a plan to keep people safe.

Maintaining Professional Relationships [3-Day Course]

If you are facing enquiries or complaints about awareness and responsibility around establishing and maintaining professional relationships, this 3-day course is designed to provide an educational and reflective space for participants to examine the roots of their problematic behaviour and to have assistance in making personal and professional changes.

Maintaining Professional Resilience [Large Group]

If you are dealing with regulatory issues around practice or conduct issues that don't fall into the other courses we run, and you are open to participating in a large group then please get int ouch.

Introduction to Professional Boundaries [1-Day Course]

This 1-day course is our most popular course and is for you if you want to increase your awareness, knowledge and skills around professional boundaries. Professional boundaries are rarely learned in formal training programmes and this course fills that gap. Run bi-monthly as an open training day in London and available for commission to be run for your organisation.

Professional Boundaries In Practice [1-Day Course]

This new course is for people who need to spend focused time looking at their own situation, most often if there has been an issue raised or complaint received in relation to professional boundaries.  Please note that it is not a substitute for the remedial work provided in our three-day courses, though it may be taken in conjunction with them.   The course covers the fundamentals of boundary theory and practice from research and the literature and helps to develop and enhance practice.

Maintaining Professionalism: The Fourth Day [1-Day Course]

For anyone who has completed on of our three-day course this 1-day session helps you to maintain professionalism, through a reflective and challenging space, with a small group of peers. It can be taken multiple times as part of a longer-term programme.

Values In Practice [1-Day Course]

This 1-day course is for you if you have completed any of our three-day courses and you wish to re-align your working life: it helps you connect with your core professional and personal values. It powerfully assists you to increase insight in relation to the issues of concern and to assess your working environment and how you relate to it. Re-connecting with core personal and professional values can be a powerful part of remediating after a problem.

Listening In Practice [1-Day Course]

If problems in communication have been an aspect of the problem you are facing, this course can be a part of the process of developing insight and demonstrating remediation.  Difficulty in listening is often at the centre of communication problems and this course raises awareness and provides a space for developing insight and creating ways of being which are powerful in communication.

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