This course helps people to identify their core values, both personal and professional. An interactive learning session which will lead to each participant leaving with clarity about their authentic  core personal and professional values and an action plan for aligning them.

Core Values are drivers and motivators. When we are living and working in alignment with our values we are effective, productive and clear. When any of our values are compromised we feel dissatisfied, frustrated or over the longer term, stressed and anxious.

Who Is The Course For?

The course is for anyone who has completed a three-day course with us. It an also be commissioned by organisations.

When The Course Is Helpful

This course is for practitioners who wish to consider their core personal and professional values and how they relate to their occupation and to their working environment. It may be used by people who are reflecting on their working  lives and seek a new perspective and by people who are facing particular challenges or problems at work.

Learning Methods Include

  • Presentation
  • Conversations with the trainer
  • Group discussion
  • Working in pairs

Content Includes

  • Values Definitions
  • Examples of core personal and professional values
  • Eliciting Core personal and professional values
  • Assessing and Grading Values as they are currently experienced
  • Action Planning and implementing learning

Goals & Intended Outcomes

  • Clarity on core personal and professional values
  • Increased awareness of how personal and professional values interact
  • Increased awareness of how values play out in practice / workplace

Booking Process & Fee

The price for the course is £300 +VAT (£360) and a place is secured when payment is made.  All bookings are made in agreement with our terms and conditions. Payment is by bank transfer and places can be held for 5 days to enable payments to be made.

What Our Clients Say...

By making us think in that paradigm, you have potentially changed us for life and we have now the tools to check within every area of life.

Consultant Psychiatrist | Values in Practice Course

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