This new course covers some of the same ground as our ‘Introduction to Professional Boundaries’ course, including the fundamentals of boundary theory and practice, introducing participants to the core knowledge from experience, from research and the literature and helping them to develop and enhance practice. It is a confidential space and includes space for conversations with the course leader about the issues of concern.

Who Is The Course For?

This course is for people who need to spend focused time looking at their own situation, most often if there has been an issue raised or complaint received in relation to professional boundaries. It can be taken as a pre-cursor to the three-day ‘Maintaining Professional Boundaries’ course. Places are capped at 5 participants and there is a strong emphasis on self-reflection and learning, alongside learning about core boundary principles and practice.

Learning Methods Include

  • Pre-course reading
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Evidence from research
  • The role of values
  • Risks
  • Poetry
  • Film and TV Clips
  • Group discussion
  • Working in pairs
  • Playing The Professionalism Game®.

Content Includes

  • Boundary Theory
  • Purpose
  • Definitions and Core Principles
  • Power & Vulnerability
  • Practitioner Self-disclosure
  • Use of Physical Touch
  • Attraction
  • Dual Relationships

The Professionalism Game® is our proprietary board game, developed over many years of delivering training on boundaries. It includes a set of scenarios which prompt discussion around core boundary topics and helps bring together learning from the rest of the session. It is available to purchase under licence – further information on this page.

Goals & Intended Outcomes

Booking Process & Fee

The price for the course is £300 +VAT (£360) and a place is secured when payment is made.  All bookings are made in agreement with our [terms and conditions]. Payment is by bank transfer and places can be held for 5 days to enable payments to be made.

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