The course takes the principles from the three-day courses (responsibility, accountability, powerful action) and opens a space for reviewing and furthering the commitments made there. This course functions as a way for people wanting additional support to check in.

Who Is The Course For?

This course is solely for people who have completed one of our three-day courses. Completion of the Values in Practice and Listening in Practice courses is helpful but not essential. Please note this is a small-group day, with places capped at five participants.

When The Course Is Helpful

If you would gained from your participation in one of the three-day courses and would like to continue that conversation this course is for you.  The course functions as a review and update session and as such it can be taken multiple times, and can be sued as part of longer-term needs to restore practice.

Learning Methods Include

  • Pre-course exercise
  • Conversations with the trainer
  • Group discussion
  • Working in pairs
  • Self-development board game

Content Includes

  • Self-Assessment of progress in risk reduction
  • Identification of areas for further work
  • Conversations with the facilitator
  • Planning and next steps

Goals & Intended Outcomes

  • To identify areas for development
  • To expand understanding of issues of concern.
  • To develop a personal action plan.

Booking Process & Fee

The price for the course is £300 +VAT (£360) and a place is secured when payment is made.  All bookings are made in agreement with our [terms and conditions]. Payment is by bank transfer and places can be held for 5 days to enable payments to be made.

What Our Clients Say...

Excellent as ever. Creates a space in which people feel able to share safely and openly. This is enormously powerful.

GP | Maintaining Professionalism: The Fourth Day

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