This new course aims to help improve awareness and responsibility around professional resilience. It is a three-day course which provides a space for people struggling with a range of concerns. This is a large group format course and is for people facing professional crises from disciplinary or regulatory action, such as for conduct or practice issues. Please get in touch to see if this course is appropriate for you or someone you are considering referring to us, as our other specialised courses may be more appropriate.

This course is a pilot and as such is being offered at a lower rate than it will be in the future and is a lower than our other courses as it will be run in a large group format.

Who Is The Course For?

The course is for people in roles working with people, including medicine, nursing, social work, ministry, education, therapy, criminal justice, corporate and political settings. It is designed to be helpful when there are concerns which are grouped under the ‘practice’ rubric rather than the ‘conduct’ rubric.

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