The impact of the course is…

Dramatic It has given me so much insight into my problems. This has also been massively assisted by learning from the other participants.

Huge as it has opened many windows with regards to my approach to the problem, thinking, reasoning and remediation.

Profound….experiential…. positive.
Consultant Psychiatrist

A profound experience of shift in perception around what happened, how I came to be out of sync and methods I can act on to return to my clinic in a much healthier and safer way.
Ayurvedic Practitioner, Shadow Work coach

Clearly highlighting boundary violations in this case identifies background risks & constructively plans areas of remediation.

Fantastic – enabled me to develop clarity and insight into my actions.

Life changing. I now know who I am. I realise my vulnerabilities, so I am now empowered to deal with them rather than being affected by them.
Emergency Medicine Physician

The facilitation was…

Wonderful as it saliently touched on all the points which are need for oneself to understand that there is a problem and accept the responsibility.
Generals and Colorectal Surgeon

Superb in that it was challenging and deeply soul probing which is necessary to unearth the hidden overlays of poor decision making.
Emergency Medicine Physician

Excellent. Measured. The facilitator was infinitely patient, allowing us to come to conclusions ourselves, rather than offering solutions. Only by finding our own way forward has any meaning.
Consultant in Pain Medicine

Very supportive, knowledgeable and gave me feedback that I needed.

I leave the course feeling….

That I have gained much more insight and see things differently now.
Plastic Surgeon

Empowered, and with a much greater awareness of professional boundaries.

Is there anything else you would like to say about the course?

Wish I had completed this course years ago!

That it is the missing link in my professional body, professional boundaries in the architecture centre of my practice whereas it is widely perceived as peripheral on trainings I have done.

I had many misconceptions and apprehensions about the course. It turns out that they were ALL groundless.
Consultant in Pain Medicine

I found the 3-day course so so helpful. It was life changing. Indeed, I would actually go so far as to say it was probably one of the best 3 days of my life!!! And without doubt THE most helpful learning experience outside of medicine itself. We should all be given this course work as part of our medical training.

That I step through the door of changes.