This course helps you to  improve awareness and responsibility around establishing and maintaining professional boundaries.  The course is helpful if you have concerns about boundary keeping, or have disciplinary processes. It is for situation where there are concerns, allegations or findings in relation to:

  • Inappropriate emotional or sexualised relationships with colleagues
  • Sexualised relationships with patients
  • Inappropriate use of touch
  • Sexual harassment
  • Sexualised or inappropriate language

Who Is The Course For?

The course is for people in roles working with people, including medicine, nursing, social work, ministry, education, therapy, criminal justice, corporate and political settings.

When The Course Is Helpful

The course is for professionals who have a need to look at professional boundaries. It may be helpful when there are concerns about inappropriate or sexualised behaviours, and when there are disciplinary or conduct hearings or other professional processes.

It is helpful where there are concerns, allegations or findings – it is important to understand that the course has been helpful to people who face allegations, including where allegations are contested.

Learning Methods Include

  • Pre-course reading
  • Conversations with the trainer
  • Evidence from research
  • Film and TV Clips
  • Group discussion
  • Working in pairs
  • Acted Scenarios
  • Presentations
  • Playing The Professionalism Game®
  • Playing Lumination®
  • Creating a Personal Development Plan

Content Includes

  • Attitudes towards power and authority
  • Belief and its functions
  • Blind spots
  • Cognitive distortions
  • Counter-dependent ways of being
  • Difference between personal and professional boundaries
  • Distinction between context and cause
  • Dynamics of risk
  • Dynamics of interpersonal attraction and intimacy
  • Dual relationships
  • Impact and consequences
  • Uses and misuses of physical touch
  • New ways of relating and being
  • New ways of communicating
  • Notion of total responsibility
  • Power differentials.
  • Practitioner self-disclosure
  • Relationship with vulnerability
  • Three stages of moving on

Goals & Intended Outcomes

  • To increase responsibility and awareness of professional boundaries
  • To Learn techniques for establishing and maintaining boundaries
  • To increase awareness of vulnerabilities and risk factors
  • To put in place a personal plan
  • To improve understanding of personal history and antecedents to problems
  • To increase understanding of the effects of boundary transgressions on others
  • To consider needs for further professional assistance and personal development

Booking Process & Fee

There are five places on each course.

Each participant is required to have a telephone call with the course leader so that the context, substance of the issue and personal perspective is explored. This call will include a check to ensure that the most appropriate course is being booked.

The price for the course is £1,250 +VAT (£1,500) and a place is secured when payment is made.

All bookings are made in agreement with our [terms and conditions]. Payment is by bank transfer and places can be held for 24 hours to enable payments to be made.

Payment plans are available on request.

What Our Clients Say...

Brought out thoughts that would never have surfaced otherwise – thank you. 

Maintaining Professional Boundaries Course

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