The Clinic is a Community Interest Company (registered as Professional Boundaries CIC) that works on all aspects of professional boundary violations. We are a values based company and all our work relates to these values, of respect, transparency and accountability.

The Clinic is committed to providing high quality and responsive services.  We understand that people using our services will have a range of views and experiences and we encourage feedback, both critical and constructive, at all times.

Feedback & Concerns

We welcome all comments and see them as helpful to our continuing improvement of services. We want to know if people are unhappy with our services and we want to know if people are happy with them.

We regularly ask our clients and customers to comment on our services through formal evaluations, and we encourage feedback through informal conversations or by email, phone or letter.

We are also happy to meet in person to discuss feedback or other concerns.

We are committed to responding to all feedback from customers and clients however we become aware of it. Where we identify issues that may help us to improve services we will communicate any changes we make with the customer or client concerned.

Formal Complaints

The Clinic is open to and welcomes complaints. The Clinic is committed to investigating any complaint fully and dealing with it in a fair manner. We recognise that sometimes we may fail to satisfy people using our services. We have set up a formal complaints procedure to enable people to tell us clearly when and why they are not satisfied with our services and to provide a transparent and accountable process for investigating serious concerns.

All complaints are dealt with in confidence, although The Clinic does use the evidence gathered from any complaint to help improve its services. Records are kept of all complaints and how they are handled, and this is used to inform changes and improvements to services made by the Directors.

What Is A Complaint?

A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction either written or spoken. This may concern either the Clinic’s work or how you have been treated by the Clinic and may be made by anyone connected to the organisation, whether as a recipient of services, a customer of any kind, or as a third party, such as a spouse, friend or colleague.  The central issue is whether people employed by the Clinic may have acted in ways that contravene our Code of Practice, or their own professional codes.

How To Make A Complaint

If you are unhappy with a service provided by The Clinic, you may wish to raise it first with a worker to try to resolve the matter (see above). At all times we will try to resolve any problem as quickly as possible, however it is raised.

If you prefer, or if you wish to take the matter further, you may make a complaint either by letter, telephone or email to the Managing Director or the Director of Public Support.

If you make your complaint by telephone, the Director will take notes on the details of your complaint and send a written version of your complaint for you to check for accuracy.

If you are mailing a complaint, please mark the envelope ‘confidential’ and for the attention of either the Managing Director or the Director of Public Support. Please give full details of the issues you wish to raise, including times and dates and people involved, where possible.

Please ask if you need any help in making your complaint and we will try to provide it. We also welcome the involvement of a friend or other person to support you in making your complaint.

How Complaints Are Investigated

1. In most cases, your complaint will be handled by the Managing Director or the Director of Public Support. A complaint investigation may include interviews, reviews of written records and taking statements from third parties. Sometimes it may be necessary to request additional information from the person reporting the concern.

2. Receipt of your complaint will be acknowledged within five working days. You will be:

  • Given the name and telephone number of the person investigating your complaint;
  • Told how long we expect to take to look into your complaint and when you can expect a reply. This usually takes about 28 days. In the event that the investigation takes longer we will contact you and explain the reasons for this.

3. A written report of your complaint will be prepared, outlining the method of investigation and the conclusions, and any action that the Clinic has taken as a result of the complaint. We will apologise for any difficulties you have experienced in the matter.

4. Should the issues bring into question the fitness to practice of a person employed by the Clinic the Directors will consider whether a referral to a regulatory body is possible or appropriate.

Other Options

If you feel that the issue of concern may mean that an individual employed by the Clinic is not fit to practice, or may have broken professional ethics codes, then you may wish to consider making a report directly to the person’s professional body. You should be able to find details of professional affiliations on our website, but we are also happy to provide the information directly to you on request.

As the Clinic is an organisational member of BACP making a report about the service to them is also an option. Details on this can be found on the BACP website, or can be provided by the Clinic.

In some circumstances the Regulator of Community Interest Companies can investigate.

If you are not satisfied with our response we are happy to arrange to discuss the concerns with you in person, and are open to arranging for independent mediators to be involved.